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Double Strength Dog Tennis Ball, Throw and Fetch, Dog Toy, 6.5Cm (1 Pack of 20 Balls)

Double Strength Dog Tennis Ball, Throw and Fetch, Dog Toy, 6.5Cm (1 Pack of 20 Balls)

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  • Great for outdoor training, instilling obedience, exercise and fun
  • Throw and fetch games are great fun for dogs
  • These tennis balls are designed as dog toys and don't bounce as much as real tennis balls
  • Available in yellow as a pack of 20 tennis balls
  • Dog toys are not indestructible and for your pet's safety you should examine the toy from time to time for wear and tear and replace when appropriate
  • This toy is strong but not indestructible, and will eventually become susceptible to ‘Chew’ Damage. Please supervise your pet with this toy, and examine regularly for wear and replace if any damage could be seen a health hazard.

From the manufacturer

Petface - your pets best friend - whether it's collars, leads, feeding, bedding or toys our product experts design with your pet in mind! The Petface range is of the highest quality and provides fun, innovative and interactive products to keep your pets fit, healthy and enjoying life! Shop for your favourite dog, cats and wild bird for great, affordable products!

Petface Super Tennis Balls for dogs, 20 Pack

The classic tennis ball has been a dog's favourite for decades and why wouldn't they be? They're brightly coloured, they bounce, they can be chased after and they can be chewed, what more could a canine ask for? This bumper pack of dog balls is perfect for games of fetch with your dog in the park. Because let's face it, dog balls have a tendency to get lost in undergrowth or chewed to shreds. With this 20 pack you will always have a tennis ball just for your dog spare.

Petface Super Tennis Balls for dogs, 20 Pack


Ideal for interactive play indoors and outdoors. Great for games of throw and fetch. Fun for all the family see how far you can throw yours! Balls measure approx diameters: Mega 15cm, Jumbo 10cm, Standard/Super 6cm and the mini 4cm.


This fun toy can help to develop your pets sense of play and the exercise helps to keep them fit. These Tennis Balls can provide hours of entertainment. Perfect for use with the Petface Ball Launcher and to teach your dog to fetch.


Pet safe made from durable rubber coated in felt. Keeps dogs amused when left to their own devices. Can be used as rewards during training. This toy should be regularly inspected to ensure there is no damage.

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