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Teats Size 1, Suitable for Newborns, Slow Flow Skinsoft Silicone Teats for Baby Bottles Pack of 2

Teats Size 1, Suitable for Newborns, Slow Flow Skinsoft Silicone Teats for Baby Bottles Pack of 2

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  • Silicone Teats: The SkinSoft silicone of the teats feels just like mum's skin to babies and this familiar feeling is why MAM has a 94 Percent teat acceptance rate
  • Distinct Shape: Due to its distinct, flat and symmetrical design, these baby bottle teats always achieve a ideal fit in baby's mouth when bottle feeding
  • Air Valve: Suitable for expressed breast milk or formula, these BPA free teats have an air valve to prevent the teat from collapsing and allow for a smooth flow
  • Teat Size: Larger than the size 0, this teat is ideal for your new baby thanks to its small mouthpiece and soft lip rest, it provides a slow drinking flow and is included in all 160ml MAM Bottles
  • Product Details: MAM Teats Size 1, suitable for newborns, slow flow SkinSoft silicone teats for baby bottles, fits all MAM bottles, baby essentials, pack of 2, Item number: FT0102

Product Description

MAM Teats Size 1 - Easily accepted by babies

Being an essential part of the bottle, the teat is important for the growth of the baby and - if the correct flow speed is selected -will ensure that babies are aided in their development.

The oval shape has been developed alongside medical experts with your baby's growth in mind. It is modelled on a mother's nipple and the teat has been adapted for the low viscosity of breast milk. It is also suitable for formula milk.

MAM Bottle Teats are ideal for an easy switch between breast and bottle thanks to patented SkinSoft silicone, offering a silky surface and familiar feel that 94 Percent of babies accept*.

MAM offer a number of different flow rates to perfectly suit whichever stage your baby is at: Extra-Slow Flow Teats (0), Slow-Flow Teats (1), Medium-Flow Teats (2) , Fast-Flow Teats (3) and Cross-Cut Teats (X).

Teat 1 is the MAM slow flow teat which is suitable from birth or after Teat 0. Teats must be replaced every 1-2 months for safety and hygiene reasons.

Product benefits:

  • SkinSoft silicone teats
  • Perfectly fitting symmetric shape
  • Air valve to prevent the teat collapsing
  • Made from materials free of BPA & BPS
  • Contains: 2x Teats Size 1

*Market research 2009-2022, tested with 1,643 babies

Box Contains

2 x Slow flow silk silicone teats

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