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Siatic Joint Support Belt™

Siatic Joint Support Belt™

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About this item:
RELIEVES SCIATICA AND LOWER BACK PAIN - The adjustable hip compression SI brace will help support your lower spine and hips to relieve pain, pressure and stress caused by pelvic instability or SI joint dysfunction. Medical grade belt is designed to effectively stabilize and support your pelvis and hips. Simply the best solution for: back pain, hip pain, pelvic pain, upper leg pain, symphysis pubis dysfunction, pelvic girdle pain, piriformis syndrome or anterior pelvic tilt.
ANTI-SLIP AND DURABLE - SI Joint brace will stay in place, no matter what. The unique anti-slip material will make sure that your belt won't move around or ride up your hips. We also made sure to keep the material lightweight and very durable. You will have no problem wearing this belt for longer periods of time. Comfortably wear it around the house, during sports, other activities or even at night.
 EASY TO USE AND ADJUST - The smart design of this belt allows you to adjust the tightness and compression to your preference. Simply adjust the two elastic tension straps and get a tighter or looser fit. The strong hook and loop closures are equipped with 'smart tabs' that make it super easy to unstick the straps. The waist belt is very easy to use, comes with clear instructions and is backed by our world class customer service.

1. Adjustable size Stretch straps can be adjusted in size
2. Whether it's indoors or outdoors, whether in summer or winter, you can easily us this belt.
3. Unisex design: Fits Men and Women. Can be worn under or over your clothing.
4. During postpartum belt to get gentle lower back support and easier recovery.
5. During Long driving, standing or sitting, Lifting weights at the gym

pplicable Scene: 

 1. RUN: When running, your pelvic joints and ligaments naturally shift and stretch, and can cause severe lower back, hip and sciatic leg pain.The sacroiliac belt can provide protection and support for the pelvic structure.
2. GYM: When exercising, people are often discouraged by pain in the lower back or pelvis caused by the dysfunction of the sacroiliac joints. With the help of Sacroiliac Belt, you can get a better exercise effect.
3. HEAVY DUTY WORK: Long-term heavy work will cause muscle fatigue and even damage the body. The sacroiliac belt can be worn for a long time to relieve fatigue

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