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Severe Fungal Nail Treatment for Toenails and Fingernails with Tea Tree 30ml

Severe Fungal Nail Treatment for Toenails and Fingernails with Tea Tree 30ml

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  • GO BAREFOOT AGAIN and wave confidently to friends with healthy, beautiful toenails and fingernails. Klipp Toenail Fungal Treatment resolves common podiatry issues such thick and brittle nails, restoring them to the perfectly grown nails you love.
  • NATURAL FORMULATION helps neutralize fungi caused by ingrown toenails and bacteria or athletes foot. Potent botanical extracts improve nail hydration and cellular regeneration for stronger, clearer nails that resist cracking and discolouration. Water Free as water promotes fungus growth.
  • FAST-ACTING BLEND of Tea Tree, Angelica Dahurica, Sophora Flavescens, Phellodendron and glycerin produces visible improvement in 2-4 weeks. Gentle and non-toxic, it can be used up to 3 times daily for nail psoriasis and other fingernail and toenail conditions.
  • THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES make Klipp Severe Fungal Nail Treatment a combination nail strengthener and nail repair remedy. It penetrates deeply into cracks and crevices to eliminate onychomycosis from the nail and surrounding tissues.
  • MESS-FREE APPLICATOR CAP allows you to apply our thick toenail treatment with precision and avoids re-contamination with a dropper as opposed to a brush. After soaking the nail and trimming away the top softened layer, drop the fluid over the area and massage into the nail. Leave for 10-15 minutes.

Product Description

Simple, gentle nail repair Nail fungal infection affects about a quarter of Europeans, causing weak and discoloured nails that you go to extremes to hide. Klipp Antifungal Nail Treatment helps to eliminate moulds, yeast and fungi with natural botanicals, rich in healing nutrients and possessing soothing anti-inflammatory properties. It penetrates deeply to get to stubborn bacteria, hydrating and strengthening as it heals so your nails will be stronger and healthier than ever before. Our exclusive blend of Tea Tree, Angelica Dahurica, Sophora Flavescens and Phellodendron boasts natural antiseptic effects to neutralise germs and promote cellular renewal. When used as directed, Klipp Nail Infection Treatment helps to close compromised nail beds and strengthen the keratin structure. In as little as 14 days you will begin to see visible signs of nail repair and recovery. Easy to use

  1. First soak the target nail in hot water for 5 minutes, drying it thoroughly afterwards.
  2. With a nail file and clippers, trim away as much of the damaged nail as you can.
  3. Using the dropper cap, apply Klipp Fungus Treatment thoroughly over the area.
  4. 4.Massage the fungal oil into the nail and allow 10-15 minutes for it to dry.

We recommend 3 months of consistent use of our toenail fungal treatment to ensure eradication of stubborn infections and a complete regrowth of a new nail. Step out with healthy, flawless fingernails and toenails. Klipp Nail Fungal Treatment for your nail care supplies .

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