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Saka Natural Mineral Water 1.5Ltr (Pack of 9)

Saka Natural Mineral Water 1.5Ltr (Pack of 9)

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  • SAKA Water is an Award Winning, 100% Natural Alkaline Water that is sourced from a pure,remote and protected spring, a special source of true refreshment that will awaken your senses and inner being.
  • SAKA has a high pH level of 8.22 that is naturally enriched with many minerals including calcium, magnesium,bicarbonates and a low level of sodium
  • It has a refreshing and unique taste due to its naturally balanced mineral content and is ideal for helping replenish minerals lost throughout the day
  • Given that the average diet contains an abundance of acid-forming white sugars, white flours, overly processed meats and dairy products, a correct acid-alkaline balance is essential in establishing a foundation of optimum, vibrant health. Delivered in MyNutri Eco-Friendly Box

Product Description

Saka natural mineral water is the purest water on the planet; it is created by nature, filtered by nature and has essential minerals added by nature. Untouched at source and bottled within an ultra sterile environment, Saka reaches you as pure as nature intended. Saka nature mineral water is produced from an underground aquifer, deep in the heart of the remote and protected Koruglu Mountains. Saka has a unique smooth taste due to its naturally balanced mineral content and is ideal for helping replenish the minerals lost throughout the day. Saka's purity of source, quality of water and natural mineral content are officially recognised by the SGS Frensenius Institute, which ensure that Saka complies with set European directives.


Purified Water, Potassium Bicarbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium Citrate, Sodium Chloride And Magnesium Oxide

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PO Box No 207, York, Y091 1XY.

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