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Purina ONE Adult Dry Cat Food Rich in Chicken 6Kg

Purina ONE Adult Dry Cat Food Rich in Chicken 6Kg

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  • You could see a visible difference in your cat’s health in just 3 weeks with the Purina ONE 3 week challenge; supporting a healthier digestion, higher energy and vitality levels, healthy skin, brighter eyes and a shinier coat
  • Available in a range of flavours, tailored to your cats specific needs; across every stage of their life
  • Your cat’s favourite; subscribe and save for repeat deliveries
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From the manufacturer

  1. Week 1: Higher energy

    Higher levels of energy and vitality

    Aided by the high quality, complete and balanced nutrition of Purina ONE.

  2. Week 2: Healthy digestion

    A healthier digestion

    Purina ONE contains chicory, a natural ingredient that is proven to help improve digestive health.

  3. Week 3: Shiny coat

    Shiny coat, bright eyes

    Fatty acids and essential vitamins help keep your cat’s coat shiny and bright, healthy eyes.

1 3 Week Challenge 2 Week 1: High energy 3 Week 2: Healthy digestion 4 Week 3: Shiny coat

Serve a meal your cat loves, tailored to their specific needs

Light, Rich in Chicken & Wheat

PURINA ONE light diet cat food is ideal for less active or overweight cats who require calorie intake adaption without compromising on nutrition.

Kitten, 1-12 Months

PURINA ONE junior is specifically designed to answer the nutritional needs of kittens (from weaning to 12 months) and pregnant or lactating cats.

Indoor Formula, Rich in Turkey

PURINA ONE indoor provides cats with essential nutrients needed at every mealtime, catering for reduced energy needs and helping to reduce hairballs.

Senior 7+

PURINA ONE senior cat food is specially formulated with vitamins and minerals, helping support vital functions for your mature cat.

Discover the range of Purina ONE Dual Nature with Spirulina & Cranberry

PURINA ONE Dual Nature contains an exciting combination of dry, crunchy kibbles and soft, more tender kibbles, containing high-quality protein as good source of amino acids.

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