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Pure Aquarium Fish Food for a Crystal Clear Healthy Aquarium (50 Balls)

Pure Aquarium Fish Food for a Crystal Clear Healthy Aquarium (50 Balls)

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  • NATURAL, CHEMICAL FREE SOLUTION FOR A CRYSTAL CLEAR, HEALTHY AQUARIUM – Pure Aquarium contains beneficial bacteria and natural enzymes that rapidly break down organic waste leaving your aquarium clean and fish healthy.
  • REDUCES FILTER AND TANK MAINTENANCE – By naturally removing excess fish waste, fish food and toxins, Pure Aquarium helps your water stay fresher for longer, meaning fewer tank maintenance sessions and happier, less stressed fish.
  • CONTINUOUS GRAVEL CLEANING AND WATER FILTERING ACTION – Simply adding 1 to 2 Pure Aquarium balls per 25 litres of water once a week, Pure Aquarium reduces sludge and organic build up on gravel ensuring that your fish can thrive in a safe, healthy and crystal clear environment.
  • SAFE FOR ALL FISH AND TANKS – Pure Aquarium’s all natural ingredients only activate when needed and are safe to use in new or established aquariums.
  • AWARD WINNING PRODUCT, MANUFACTURED IN THE UK – Twice awarded product of the year by Practical Fishkeeping.

Product Description

Pure Aquarium is best used once a week and a single tub will typically last four months when used in a 60 litre aquarium. Both Pure Aquarium and Pure Pond are best used with filters and can help to establish new biological filters.


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