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Ping Pong Balls Table Tennis Balls, White / Orange High-Performance

Ping Pong Balls Table Tennis Balls, White / Orange High-Performance

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  • SUPERIOR QUALITY BALLS - For competitions or family fun, these ping pong balls can survive any serve or smash
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE - Seamless poly balls for consistent bounce and expert control
  • CONSISTENT PERFORMANCE - Get an edge with pro accuracy, size (40+) and weight (2.7g)
  • GREAT FOR ALL PING PONG TABLES & ROBOTS - Instantly see the difference when you play with PRO-SPIN pro training balls
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - Covers quality for 1 year when purchased from PRO-SPIN SPORTS

You won't be disappointed when you purchase PRO-SPIN SPORTS Ping Pong Balls.
Never deal with easily cracked or dented balls again.

PRO-SPIN table tennis balls can survive any serve or smash, no matter how much fun you have while playing!

  • Seamless construction for consistent and accurate bounce during play
  • Made from poly plastic material - safer and more durable than traditional celluloid (and better for environment too!)
  • 40+ diameter (40mm) and 2.9g in weight

Immediately notice the difference in quality when you play with PRO-SPIN SPORTS ping pong balls.
Each ball goes through rigorous testing to meet the standards issued by USATT (USA Table Tennis) and ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation)
How To Care For Your Table Tennis Balls

  • Avoid storing in direct sunlight
  • Avoid storing in a room with a lot of moisture (e.g. bathroom)
  • Avoid storing in excessive heat (e.g. your car)
  • Avoid leaving them on the floor so people don't step on them!
  • Clean balls with a damp, clean cloth. Dry them with a dry cloth instead of air drying.
    Have fun and unleash your inner PRO with PRO-SPIN SPORTS Ping Pong Balls!
    Purchase risk-free. You are covered by our 1 year quality guarantee!
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